ARM-based starter kit presents complete design environment

December 15, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Rutronik (Ispringen, Germany) has ARM-based Starter Kits from Advantech; they are presented as allowing a user to begin the ARM development with only ten minutes of setup time; and that the kits include all key elements of a development environment.

The ARM-based Starter Kits host NXP and TI processors for ARM platform evaluation and development. They include key elements of a development environment including main boards with CPU cables, adapter cards, LCD panel and power adapter. The starter kits are designed for performance evaluation and validation, fast hardware design and application development. ARM users can become familiar with Advantech ARM platforms.

A built-in OS image in Linux allows users to start their evaluation immediately. Other OSs such as Android, Yocto Linux and Ubuntu are also available for different applications, each verified for online download. The source codes of the supported OS are open and available for users to help develop application code easier. Tools for application development include Qt, the cross-platform tool for device creation, UI and application development, and Advantech WISE-PaSS/RMM APIs for device access, control and monitoring. All add-on software offerings are totally verified and free of charge.