Audio software dedicated to the automotive market

December 01, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Silicon Labs has introduced new audio software products that make it easy and cost-effective for developers to implement audio post-processing functions such as tone control, cabin equalization and chime generation using the Si47911/12 ICs’ integrated Tensilica HiFi EP DSP.

Developers can use Silicon Labs’ development tools to port their proprietary audio algorithms, design custom audio processing flows using Silicon Labs’ library of audio functions, or combine their audio algorithms with Silicon Labs’ audio post-processing functions. Silicon Labs’ fixed-function audio software provides a complete audio post-processing solution for all analog and digital audio functions in the automotive radio head unit. The audio software includes an extensive set of user-programmable parameters that enable developers to configure the audio post-processing algorithms for different car models. The software supports three independent audio post-processing paths: main cabin with 4-channel or 6-channel audio; auxiliary with 2-channel audio (for rear seat headphones) and voice for audio processing with two microphone inputs. It comes with two tone sequence generators and two wave generators played from internal memory. An audio software development kit is available, including a development board with software tools for real-time debugging, a library of building blocks that can be used by the developer’s algorithms and an encryption utility that secures the audio processing IP.

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