Axeon sign collaboration and supply agreement with A123 Systems

October 25, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Europe’s leading independent developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, Axeon, has signed a collaboration and supply agreement with advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturer, A123 Systems. The companies will work together on specific electric vehicle customer programs.

Customers will benefit from the combination of A123 Systems’ proprietary Nanophosphate battery technology and Axeon’s expertise in systems integration, design engineering and testing – as well as the firm’s UK presence to provide hands-on support.

Axeon and A123 Systems are already engaged with a major UK customer and additional projects are also on the horizon.

Axeon has already provided battery solutions for a broad range of electric and hybrid electric vehicles and its Battery Management System ensures that its advanced lithium-ion battery packs deliver safe, durable performance.

US-based A123 Systems designs and manufactures advanced lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems. The company’s breakthrough Nanophosphate technology is based on innovative nanoscale materials initially developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it is designed to deliver a combination of high power and energy density, increased safety and long life. A123 Systems currently supplies products for the transportation, electric grid and commercial markets.

Jason Forcier, VP Automotive Solutions Group at A123 Systems, added: “We believe that our strategic partnership with Axeon will enable us to more effectively meet growing demand for our lithium ion battery technology from UK and European transportation customers. By aligning ourselves with an established organization like Axeon, we expect to expand our presence in these markets and increase the efficiency with which we are able to respond to customers’ needs.”

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