Backplane connectors are resonant at 30 GHz for faster data rates

February 12, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Molex’ augmented Impel backplane connector family now integrates grounding tail aligners and smaller signal compliant pins. The innovative signal beam design improves insertion loss compared to in-line beams and pushes interface resonance frequency past 30 GHz.

In today’s market, telecom and data computing OEMs must deliver ever-faster data rates, but those higher speeds can produce insertion loss and degraded signal integrity (SI) performance. OEMs also need to design scalability into their equipment to minimise future infrastructure investments. By delivering optimal SI, reducing crosstalk, and improving insertion loss, the Impel Plus daughtercard module design resolves those key performance issues. In addition, as the connectors are both backwards and forwards compatible, OEMs can meet future data rate needs without replacing infrastructure.

“Impel Plus daughtercard modules are designed as an upgrade path to the standard Impel modules... with a tightly coupled differential-pair structure, [they provide] optimal signal integrity and mechanical isolation throughout the connector system,” Molex comments.

Impel Plus connectors are compliant with IEEE 100GBASE-KR, 100GBASE-KP and the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) CEI-25G-LR.