Bespoke high-voltage power modules target laboratory equipment

May 06, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Luso power modules for laboratory equipment
Luso Electronics has launched a series of bespoke high-voltage power modules for UK and European customers developing scientific equipment such as mass spectrometers.

Through its partnership with US based HVM Technology, Luso already distributes standard and customised military grade high-voltage power converters and compact power supplies for night vision applications.

"Miniaturisation of key subsystems and components is vital if successive generations of high-value equipment such as mass spectrometers are to become easier to install, simpler to use and more affordable", explained Mike Saldana, President at HVM Technology. "HVM Technology's power system is used by the world's smallest mass spectrometer. 1st Detect's MMS1000 measures just 19cm wide and 23cm deep and this ultra-compact, reliable and safe-to-use device raises the prospect of mass spectrometers being installed in nearly every local medical centre in the US to enable instantaneous blood sample analysis."

"High-voltage electronic design is a specialised field, and achieving significant miniaturisation is an extreme challenge", said Bryan Reid, UK Sales Manager at Luso Electronics, "HVM Technology has perfected some key processes that enable it to develop miniaturised high-voltage power modules, including vacuum potting with epoxies that provide high surface resistivity."

The use of rigid, high-resistivity materials allow creepage and clearance distances to be significantly reduced compared to un-encapsulated assemblies, keeping sensitive circuitry and users safe in the process. However as these processes do not allow rework, extra care has to be taken to identify any latent defects prior to its application. Ultra-compact high-voltage design also calls for highly developed cleaning techniques capable of purging even the minutest conductive particles such as soldering residues before encapsulation takes place.