Boeing to embed Rambus DPA countermeasures against security attacks

July 17, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Rambus has announced that its Cryptography Research Division, and The Boeing Company have signed a license agreement for the inclusion of advanced differential power analysis (DPA) countermeasures in Boeing products. Rambus Cryptography Research DPA countermeasures enable Boeing to protect against security attacks that are used to reverse engineer or exploit critical technologies built into aircraft and other defense-related products.

DPA side-channel attack involves monitoring variations in the electrical power consumption or EM emissions from a target device. These measurements can then be used to discover cryptographic keys and other sensitive information from chips.

Rambus DPA countermeasures are a proven solution for protecting devices against the extraction of cryptographic keys and private data through side-channel attacks. These solutions can be optimized for performance, size and security level, allowing customers to help fend off unauthorized access to critical information.

“The threat of DPA attacks is on the rise, and companies like Boeing need the utmost security solutions to safeguard its customers’ high-value data,” said Dr. Martin Scott, general manager of the Rambus Security Division in a statement.

Concerns about DPA security attacks have originated in the smart card market, but these attacks have been spreading into other segments, including aerospace and defense. Government and military systems can be protected, Rambus says, from cyber adversaries with a hardware-centric security approach, which helps prevent the threat of reverse engineering and exploitation.

Rambus Cryptography Research has developed a comprehensive portfolio of application-specific hardware core and software library solutions that can be used to build DPA resistant products. Strong countermeasures can protect devices and applications used for government and military purposes, finance, mass transit and wireless communications.