Bolt-on V- and E-band test modules turn RF test bench into a millimeter-wave bench

December 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Millitech has developed a series of bolt-on V- and E-band test modules that enhance the frequency range of a user’s vector network analyzer to V-band (69 GHz) or E-band (90 GHz). These budget conscious modules can save thousands of dollars in custom millimeter-wave test set design and development costs, as this minimalized frequency extension via the standard SMA test connection.

The Spartan Test Modules offer built in detectors and are also compatible with scalar network analyzers. Excellent for V- and E-band testing for insertion loss, gain, or phase, these high frequency modules are a practical tool in any test lab looking to prepare for high frequency challenges. The RX module portion can also double as a downconverter for spectrum analyzers, extending a spectrum analyzers frequency range. They’re ideally suited for radar system components, such as switches and filters, that are required to be fully tested over a wide frequency range. They work with any make, model, or vintage Vector Network Analyzer and are easily installed, only requiring the necessary interconnect.