Bosch takes 9-axis sensor down in size

June 28, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
The BMX160 is a 9-axis motion inertial sensor in package that measures 2.5mm by 3.0mm by 0.95 mm package and which producer Bosch Sensortec claims is the smallest 9-axis motion sensor available.

The current draw on the device is 1.5 milliamps. The BMX160 has a built-in power management unit and low-power background application features. This enables the unit to perform functions such as counting steps without waking up the application processor. The integrated step counter function and the Android compatible significant motion detector only consume 30 microampere (µA) each.

The accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic technology in the BMX160 have been optimized for low offset, low noise and best temperature stability. The smallness of the sensor makes it suitable for applications in smartphones, watches, fitness trackers as well as augmented and virtual reality devices.

The BMX160 replaces what is often a two component solution comprising a 6-axis IMU and 3-axis geomagnetic sensor. The 9-axis devices places no limitations on the positioning and orientation of the magnetic sensor and is pin and register-compatible with Bosch Sensortec’s 6-axis BMI160 IMU.

Samples are available for development partners. 

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