Boundary scan testing standard DDR4 DIMM sockets

November 21, 2017 // By Julien Happich
With the CION LX modules/DIMM288-4, Goepel electronic presents a new module for enhanced testing of standard DDR4 DIMM sockets.

The module is inserted directly into the DDR4 socket of a device under test and is integrated to produce the enhanced boundary scan test using the boundary scan chain. This allows short circuits and unconnected pins in particular to be found easily.

The module can be cascaded as much as required, with the result that multiple DDR4 DIMM sockets – of a mainboard, for example – can even be tested simultaneously. Power is supplied via the DDR4 DIMM socket of the device under test itself, removing the need for an external power supply. A total of 165 boundary scan test channels are provided for testing the address, data and control lines. The data transmission direction of each of these test channels can be freely programmed (input, output, bi-directional and tri-state). The integrated CION-LX chips support all the features of these mixed-signal modules, in particular the arbitrary waveform generator, signal recorder, event detector and frequency meter. This means that both digital and analogue tests (such as measuring voltage levels) can be carried out. Thanks to the JEDEC standardisation of the DDR4 DIMM sockets, the CION LX modules/DIMM288-4 module can be used in all devices under test that contain this connector.

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