British startup raises £750,240 to develop diamond-based electronics

September 16, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Originally VC funded with the aim of becoming a device developer using synthetic diamond, British startup Evince Technology was restructured in 2013 to focus on IP development.

The company has demonstrated proof of concept devices and is currently developing prototypes of two solid-state devices based on proprietary IP that leverages diamond's unique electronic properties.  It is now announcing £750,240 of new equity investment from business angels and other private investors. 

This latest investment complements a £230,000 Innovate UK award secured late 2015, allowing the company to accelerate key aspects of its technology development programme while strengthening its patent portfolio. Diamond offers the potential to yield devices that are up to 100x faster than silicon and could therefore revolutionise electronics across a broad range of industries.

Evince's applied diamond thinking, embedding nano-scale electron emitters into diamond.

As it states on its website, "Evince's innovation has been to realise that the superior dielectric properties of diamond can sustain the conditions needed to support field emission within the material itself. Using proprietary surface engineering techniques, the company has developed a process by which it can embed tens of thousands of nano-scale electron emitters into a diamond substrate that act as the electron source necessary to switch diamond from being an insulator to an efficient conductor".

Conceptual diagrams of the diamond-based diode, EFET and BIFET integrating electron emission sources.