Camera module integrates pattern matching

April 19, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The weQubeVision software module with pattern matching makes wenglor’s Smart Camera even simpler and more intelligent.

The software allows complex image processing applications to be implemented in just three simple steps without expert know-how, thanks to edge-based object detection. The new software license is available in the hardware variant with auto-focus or with C mount threaded connection.

With the new software license, objects can be recognized regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image (X, Y and 360° tracking). An edge-based algorithm ensures that several identical and different objects within the camera’s visual field can be simultaneously recognized. In addition to real 360° tracking, superimposed objects and objects in front of complex, non-homogenous backgrounds can also be accurately and reliably detected. Scaled objects and varying distances from the object are also mastered with flying colors by weQubeVision with pattern matching.

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