CAN hub facilitates ECU live monitoring

July 17, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Goepel electronic introduced the Hub4x CAN interface multiplexer hardware module. The device enables simultaneous information exchange with several units under test (UUTs), which historically resulted in considerable communication problems, due to message clashes or received messages not being traceable to the originating UUTs.

The module is suited for test centralization of several UUTs, e.g. for parallel or endurance tests runs, because a multitude of single interfaces can now be replaced by the new Hub4x architecture. Additionally, it can be utilised for ECU screening in connection with environmental influences. 

Particularly high efficiency is achieved with live monitoring of ECUs as extracted device information can be multiplexed on one bus, making them easy to control. 

Hub4x is designed as a hat rail module, i.e. it can easily be integrated into various hardware systems and customized for customer requirements. The module's hardware provides both Master and Slave CAN, whereby a master unit communicates with all Hub4x modules via the connected Master CAN. As a result, each module can be connected to a UUT resulting in 1:1 control. Each CAN interface’s physical properties can be varied by means of plug-in transceivers. 

Connected Hub4x modules can be configured with regard to routing and gateway functionalities via the master unit. As a result, required messages are encoded by the master unit, decoded and transferred to the UUTs by Hub4x. In the reverse case, required information is routed or encoded from Slave CAN to Master CAN, resulting in a multiplex process for the CAN bus. 

Also, Hub4x features additional inputs and outputs for internal synchronization or control of triggered outputs. An add-on USB interface allows for direct hardware tracking and installation of new software versions via firmware update. 

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