Car audio sound processor supports high resolution sound sources

April 25, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Rohm has expanded its line-up of sound processors with the BD34602FS-M, developed with a focus on sound quality by utilizing proprietary sound quality design technology.

Class-leading characteristics such as low 0.004% distortion and 3.1uVrms floor noise make it possible to extract the full data from sound sources, improving spatial representation (location of sound source and perceived distance). Extracting the full data from audio sources by optimizing 28 unique parameters centred on circuit configuration and electrical characteristics enables accurate spatial representation (perceived distance and location of sound source), which results in improved car audio quality while promoting the adoption of high resolution sound sources and a reduction in cabin noise. The chip is said to reduce IC midpoint bias circuit noise by approximately 20% while decreasing low-frequency noise generated in the volume circuit by up to 10x. The IC integrates a built-in mixing circuit with original popping noise reduction technology, as well as an interrupt function (mixing) for both voice navigation and hands-free modes.

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