Carbon nanobud films as thin as 23um for haze-free touch interfaces

April 01, 2015 //By Julien Happich
Canatu's latest offering includes a super-thin 23um CNB conductive film to support thinner, sleeker touch devices. In emerging flexible devices the thin film substrate results in less stresses and better mechanical durability when implementing resistive or capacitive touch sensors.

The new transparent film is over 50 % thinner than before, enabling 1-layer touch at 23um and 2-layer touch at less than 100um thickness, claims the company. This film complements a portfolio which now covers substrate thicknesses of 23um, 50um, 100um and 130um. The new CNB Film enables truly foldable touch devices, tested to withstand more than 150 000 bends at bending radii of less than 2mm.

Because CNB thin film material has inherently zero reflections and zero haze, it offers excellent readability indoors and outdoors. The optical grade of the substrate material has now been improved, meaning light transmission is at its peak, and substrate-originated diffuse and specular reflections and haze are eliminated.

In touch sensor use, the haze is less than 0.2%. The viewing result is sharp with high contrast images, clearer colours and more readable text on touch screens and displays. A higher contrast ratio also helps increase the battery life in electronics devices by up to 20% because less back light power is needed.

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