Ceramic-packaged LED targets all headlights

January 10, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Osram Opto Semiconductors has added the new Oslon Compact PL to its portfolio of products for the automotive sector.

The LED is particularly suitable for use in all types of vehicle headlights, for adaptive glare-free high beam, daytime running lights, low beam and standard high beam. The ceramic-based LED combines improved design with low system costs, making it suitable for different vehicle classes and accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. It has an excellent thermal behaviour thanks to an electrically insulated thermal pad. In combination with appropriate PCB technology, the Oslon Compact PL can be operated at high currents and achieve high light output.

In addition to the Oslon Compact CL, which is available as a single-chip version, the portfolio now includes the Oslon Compact PL as a multichip version with up to five chips. For applications that previously used halogen a luminous flux of 1,000 lm can be achieved with one Oslon Compact PL 3 chip, for example.

Osram - www.osram.com

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