Chip market's bullish run continues

May 06, 2014 // By Peter Clarke

The three-month average of worldwide chip sales was $26.16 billion in March, up 11.4 percent over the equivalent figure in March 2013, according to the United States Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), referencing data compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization.

Sequentially the three-month average sales were up 0.4 percent from 26.04 billion in February 2014, a figure that had been revised upwards from $25.87 billion. The uplift for February resulted in year-on-year growth of 12.1 percent in February and, in consequence a slight moderation in the growth rate in March. Nonetheless, first quarter global chip sales were the highest ever.

Sales in the Americas region were up by 16.1 percent compared to last March and the Asia-Pacific region was up by 12.9 percent. Europe showed 8.0 percent annual growth. In Japan sales increased by 0.4 percent, putting all four regions into growth. The Americas and European regions showed reduced growth compared with the month before while Asia-Pacific and Japan raised their growth rates.