Chip-scale LEDs bring design flexibility to car OEMs

June 22, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Samsung Electronics has unveiled a line-up of LED packages featuring chip-scale packaging and flexible circuit board technology for use in automotive lighting applications.

The Fx-CSP line-up is said to bring greater design flexibility and cost competitiveness with more compact chip sizing and a higher degree of reliability. The use of a flexible circuit board also enables for better heat dissipation, which leads to lower resistance and brings about a greater degree of lumen-per-watt efficiency than using a ceramic board. The new LEDs allow car designers to use a variety of chip arrangements such as a single chip, a 1 by 4, or a 2 by 6 multi-chip arrangement to suit different lighting configurations.

The Fx-CSP line-up consists of single packages, Fx1M and Fx1L with 1-3 watts each (120 and 300lm), as well as packages with a 14W high voltage array, Fx4 delivering 1200 lumens and a 40W high voltage array, Fx2x6.

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