Clock management fanout buffers with hardware control pins

May 03, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Microsemi has added four new miClockBuffer products and three new miSmartBuffer products in its portfolio of clock management fanout buffers.

The ZL40231, ZL40234, ZL40241 and ZL40260 miClockBuffer ICs provide customers with single-ended and differential fanout buffers with hardware control pins, while the ZL40230, ZL40235 and ZL40240 additions to the miSmartBuffer lineup offer highly flexible single-ended and differential outputs (I/Os) and per output control through a serial port. The new devices offer expanded options and features for customers’ clock trees, including up to 10 differential outputs, per output and output bank control, ultra-low additive jitter of 30 fs RMS (12kHz to 20MHz) and power supply noise suppression. The devices offer pin compatible variants with other vendor products, ensuring ease of design and saving additional costs for customers. Additional key features of the new miClockBuffer products include:
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