CMOS analog switch and multiplexers provide low-voltage logic compatibility down to 1.4-V

October 17, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., has expanded the company DG92xx family of CMOS analog switching and multiplexer products with the introduction of four new devices designed for 2.7 V to 16 V single-supply or ± 2.7 V to ± 8 V dual-supply operation. The new devices combine their wide voltage range operation with compact package sizes and low-voltage logic compatibility for high-speed, high-precision switching applications.

The products released include a dual SPDT analog switch (DG9236), an 8-channel multiplexer (DG9251), a dual 4-channel multiplexer (DG9252), and a triple 2-channel multiplexer (DG9253). The new devices are optimized for touch panels, tablets, data acquisition, healthcare, instrumentation, and automation equipment.

The DG9251, DG9252, and DG9253 are fully specified at +16 V, +5 V and ±5 V. Compatible with CMOS and GPIO control signals, the devices’ control inputs have guaranteed 1.4 V logic high when operating from +5 V or ±5 V supplies, and 1.65 V logic high when operating from a +16 V supply. For CMOS/TTL microprocessor control signals, the DG9236 has a guaranteed 1.8 V logic high when operating from a +16 V power supply.

The three multiplexers are offered in the compact 1.8 mm by 2.6 mm miniQFN-16 package, while the DG9236 analog switch is offered in the 1.4 mm by 1.8 mm miniQFN-10 package with a low 0.55 mm profile. The devices’ plastic miniQFN packages are the smallest in the industry, and are comparable to WCSP type packages.

At −3 dB, the multiplexers offer a bandwidth of 314 MHz (DG9251), 449 MHz (DG9252), and 480 MHz (DG9253), and provide excellent isolation performance of -45 dB (typical) at 100 MHz and crosstalk of −48 dB (typical) at 100 MHz. The DG9236 features a bandwidth of 800 MHz and -70 dB crosstalk and −62 dB off-isolation at 10 MHz. All four devices are specified for an operating temperature range of -40 to + 85 °C.

Fabricated using Vishay’s proprietary CMOS process, the switch and multiplexers feature low parasitic capacitance, charge injection, leakage current, and power consumption. Designed to handle a wide range of analog and high-speed pulses, the devices conduct equally well in both directions, offer rail-to-rail analog signal handling, and can be used as both multiplexers and de-multiplexers.

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