CoB LEDs deliver 76,000 candelas at a 10° beam angle for spotlights

May 19, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Lumileds' second generation LUXEON CoB Compact Range LEDs feature an efficacy and output boost of up to 16% over its previous generation arrays.

The devices cover different power range directional lamps such as a 35W-equivalent and a 50W-equivalent MR-16 lamp, achieving exceptional centre beam candlepower (CBCP). At 1,500 lumens, the LUXEON CoB 209 reaches 76,000 candelas at a 10° beam angle. The LUXEON CoB Compact Range LEDs are offered in the industry’s widest range of colour temperatures (2200K to 5700K) and CRIs (80 and 90). The range is also available with Lumileds CrispWhite Technology designed for to be used in fashion retail lighting to reveal the richest whites, most vibrant reds and to make all colours pop. 100% of LUXEON CoB Compact Range arrays are hot tested at 85°C to ensure performance in real world operating conditions and to minimize additional testing.

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