COB LEDs warm light up as they are dimmed

November 18, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Available in the popular Mini ZENIGATA footprint, Sharp's Natural Toning technology automatically tunes the colour temperature from 3000K down to as low as 1900K as the LED is dimmed.

This mimics the behaviour of conventional incandescent sources, which is desirable for instance in hospitality and retail applications. Natural Toning ZENIGATA COBs require no special control electronics; a standard amplitude-dimming driver is all that’s required, making them easy to integrate and simple to operate.

Typical CRIs ranges between 92 and 94 across the dimming range with warm white and cool white blocks combined within a single light emitting surface to ensure uniform colour distribution without the complexity of RGB-array solutions. Sharp has adjusted the colour range of its second-generation Natural Toning COB LEDs for a warmer feel, with output now ranging from 1900K to 3000K. Efficiency has increased to more than 90 lumens per watt. Among the different part numbers offered is new model with a 6mm LES that produces a very narrow light beam. Thanks to their single drive circuit with just one pair of terminals, they reduce design complexity and installation costs for dim-to-warm applications.

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