Codasip and T&VS join forces on RISC-V verification

March 10, 2017 // By Julien Happich
RISC-V processor IP provider Codasip and T&VS (Test and Verification Solutions) announced their collaboration to accelerate the verification of products based on the Codix-Bk series of RISC-V compliant processor cores.

The partnership ensures companies can be confident selecting the precise RISC-V configuration they require. The combination of Codasip’s IP generation technology and the highly-automated T&VS validated verification flows means that even the most specific configurations can be quickly verified to the highest standards. Such a capability will be essential to fully exploit the flexible, open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA).

Interest in the RISC-V ISA has grown incredibly quickly and the principal advantages for design teams are the non-proprietary nature of the ISA, the availability of implementations and infrastructure from a range of suppliers and the design freedom allowed by the RISC-V standard.

However this flexibility poses a challenge for verification. Since a wide range of function/power/performance variants are possible, there is no off-the-shelf set of RISC-V validation tests, no single verification testbench, nor even a single verification flow, to fully verify an implementation.

“For customers that are now committing to RISC-V’s verification and validation have become a top concern, and rightly so.”, said Karel Masarik, CEO, Codasip in a company statement. “Codasip’s partnership with T&VS allows our customers to benefit from the outstanding capabilities of T&VS as a verification company and the RISC-V UVM environment automation capabilities intrinsic to our IP.”

RISC-V verification becomes a challenge as particular functionality/performance combination that a design requires is not available in an off-the-shelf configuration. In these circumstances someone has to produce a variant of the design (RTL + Software Development Kit (SDK)) and verify it. This is clearly a challenge for RISC-V providers, whether they are Silicon IP (SIP) companies or service organizations within large companies.

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