Coding dashboard maps out security risks for easy readout

March 09, 2017 // By Julien Happich
GrammaTech describes the CodeSonar Risk Dashboard as a key new capability that elevates security vulnerabilities and software quality to the executive level.

The new capability for IT projects provides executives with an immediate read-out of the level of outstanding security risks in their projects. Thus, they receive data needed to improve decision-making concerning security investments.

The Risk Dashboard allows for the expression of industry standard and project specific metrics based on the warnings reported by CodeSonar. It supports both source and binary analysis and can be used to measure risks during the software development phase and in deployment environments.

The Risk Dashboard will be available in the CodeSonar 4.5 upgrade to licensed customers and provides industry standard metrics that can be customized to individual project needs. CodeSonar 4.5 will be available in the second calendar quarter of 2017.

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