Commercial-grade embedded WiFi for climate-controlled settings

January 24, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Connect One has released commercial-grade versions of its popular Nano WiReach and Nano Socket iWiFi modules at a 25% cost reduction. Unlike the original modules that were designed for harsher conditions and an extended temperature range (-20 to 75ºC), the commercial-grade modules deliver wireless connectivity environments to in-building or climate-controlled areas in a narrow temperature range (-10 to 65ºC).

Applications targeting more moderate conditions can choose the commercial-grade Nano WiReach and Nano Socket iWiFi for designs because they are 100% compatible in form, fit and function to the original, extended-temperature versions.
Based on Connect One’s iChipSec CO2144 IP controller chip, Nano WiReach and Nano Socket iWiFi include a full suite of Internet Protocols and applications, enabling full–featured secure connectivity. Tailored for seamless integration, the modules offer immediate connectivity without WiFi driver development or porting and support several modes of operation:

Embedded Router—LAN or WiFi clients gain a single cellular WAN connection to the Internet (3G router) or routing between LAN and WiFi networks,

Embedded Access Point—Devices containing WiFi can connect to the product’s embedded access point to control or manage processes,

LAN to WiFi Bridge—Transparent bridging of LAN over WiFi enables direct RMII connection to existing MAC hardware. Any microcontroller with a built-in Ethernet MAC can be connected to WiFi with zero development effort,

Serial to LAN/WiFi Bridge—Transparent bridging of serial data over LAN or WiFi is boosted by the module’s speedy 3-Mbps UART,

Full Internet Controller mode—Simple microcontrollers can use the WiFi modules’ rich protocol and application capabilities to perform complex Internet operations, such as e-mail, FTP, SSL, embedded Web server and others. Internet controller mode can be used with any hardware interface, and

PPP emulation—Existing (e.g., cellular modem) designs currently using PPP to interface to the cellular modem can connect transparently over WiFi with no changes to application or drivers.

To ensure Nano WiReach and Nano Socket iWiFi are fully protected from industrial network targeting by hackers, the WiFi modules offer a highly advanced level of Internet security. Nano WiReach and Nano Socket iWiFi include the latest WiFi encryption algorithms (WPA/WPA2, in both PSK and enterprise modes) and Internet SSL encryption algorithms, as well as serving as an inherent firewall for the industrial application. In providing this level of security, Connect One safeguards the industrial network from