Compact three-in-one RGB LED focuses on automotive applications

April 15, 2016 // By PAUL BUCKLEY
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced 67-63U(AM), a compact three-in-one RGB LED
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced 67-63U(AM), a compact three-in-one RGB LED with color transformation which has also passed AEC-Q101 as quality guarantee. EVERLIGHT's 67-63U(AM) is designed for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications.

The golden lead frame of Everlight's 67-63U(AM) series improves a product's quality to resist sulfur which means the LED performs no matter how severe or bad the environment is thereby satisfying the requirements of the Automotive Original Equipment Market (OE). The wavelengths of the 67-63U(AM) are: 620-630 nm (R), 520-535 nm (G) and 447-472 nm (B); its brightness at 20 mA: 560-1120 (R), 1400-2240 (G), 180-560 (B). Everlight also offers wavelength customization upon request.

The automotive industry always needs to allocate considerable space for three products because most RGB LEDs comprise three separate chips to control three different colors. Everlight is introducing the 67-63U(AM), a three-in-one RGB LED with a footprint of 3.5x2.8x1.4 mm which satisfies customers’ requirements not only in terms of size and convenience, but also cost.

With the strengths of golden lead frame for sulphur resistance and its compact three-in-one concept to light up the RGB colors separately, Everlight's 67-63U(AM) series allows for effective, convenient and comfortable use. The displayed colors are rich and transit smoothly. The 67-63U(AM) has passed AEC-Q101 and is RoHS compliant, Pb-free and compliant with EU REACH as well as Halogen-free compliance (Br<900 ppm, Cl <900 ppm, Br+Cl <1500 ppm), perfectly suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications like control units, switches and clusters.

Everlight is committed to complete set of management system certifications, including TS-16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 for production quality. All automotive products comply with AEC-Q101 (Automotive Qualification Requirements for Discrete Product) and other highest criteria. With ever increasing demands on LED automotive applications, EVERLIGHT has cooperated with major car lamp manufacturers for premium designs that fulfill top LED product demands, winning great trust in the OE market by public.