Conductive elastomers selector guide for moulded and extruded EMI gaskets

April 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The new conductive elastomers selector guide from Chomerics Europe provides comprehensive details of the company's range of CHO-SEAL moulded and extruded EMI gaskets.

The guide helps designers choose the appropriate format – moulded or extruded, and the best combination of physical properties and shielding performance for their product designs. By using a range of elastomers combined with conductive filler materials, Chomerics is able to meet the wide ranging shielding and gasket requirements for applications ranging from aerospace to consumer electronics.

The CHO-SEAL conductive elastomers are reliable over the life of the equipment in which they are installed. The same gasket provides both an EMI shield and an environmental seal. The elastomer gaskets have a range of attributes including resistance to compression set, suitability for use with low closure forces, and high tensile strength.

They can also offer corrosion, chemical and fluid resistance plus flame retardancy. Base elastomers include silicone, fluorosilicone and EPDM. Conductive fillers are evenly dispersed within the elastomer to give consistent shielding performance. For high-performance applications, silver (Ag) provides the maximum level of shielding performance in non-corrosive environments, and when combined with silicone, is ideal for low closure force housings. Nickel / Aluminium (Ni/Al) is the optimum filler for delivering high shielding performance in the most challenging environments. At the other end of the performance spectrum Nickel / Carbon (NI/C) fillers provide cost-effective low-end shielding.

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