Connected homes will give greater control over both entertainment and environment

April 12, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Future World Symposium has announced the complete line up of its panel debate on the future of the connected home.

The panel unites experts from Broadcom, Gartner, IBM, NDS and Pure to analyse the underpinning technologies that enable users to more easily take control and address how these can be exploited to better understand and manage the home and its energy requirements.

Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, CTO of smarter energy at IBM and creator of the House That Tweets said: “As wireless technology becomes cheaper and better there’s no reason why every item in every home couldn’t be online, by mining this data and adding intelligence we can understand and control our environment to suit us better and be more efficient.”

The debate, held at Wembley Stadium on the 24th of April as part of Future World Symposium, will examine the next waves of technological advances in home technology, both from an entertainment and home management perspective.

Future World Symposium is a conference and exhibition that unveils the paths of global technological innovation. Now in its second year, the event examines emerging trends and opportunities for future automotive, eHealth, connected home and mobile consumer sector. A series of persuasive talks will be given by industry leaders, analysts and researchers.

The connected home panel is one of four taking place at the event, joining debates and presentations on automotive, e-health and the mobile consumer.