Conrad stocks in-house designed C-Control MCUs

March 21, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Conrad Business Supplies has begun stocking a new and updated range of C-Control microcontrollers designed in-house by the Conrad Technology Centrum (CTC).

The flagship product for the C-Control PRO family, is the C-Control AVR32-Bit MCU. In addition to the updated and improved web server functionalities, the product now comes with an easy-to-use programming software called ‘Grape’ which allows simple implementation of ideas using a graphical flowchart.

During graphical programming, graphic symbols are displayed together with the relevant ‘C’-Code. This permits accurate control over system communication and makes it an ideal tool for fast familiarisation with the higher programming language ‘C’.  

Also new to the C-Control PRO offering is the Arduino compatible UNO Design allowing the easy integration of pin-compatible Arduino expansion shields. In addition, the controller board features three connector slots for Grove sensor and extension modules. Conrad offers a large variety of over 30 competitively priced modules including a C-Control Library for easy integration.  

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