Cortus processor IP manufactured by Russian foundry

June 16, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Russian semiconductor foundry JSC Angstem-T has made an ASIC that includes an APS 32bit microcontroller RISC core from French processor intellectual property licensor Cortus SAS (Montpellier, France).

JSC Angstrem (Moscow, Russia) is one of the most sophisticated of Russia's limited set of semiconductor manufacturers and in 2007 it imported 200mm wafer equipment and a 130nm CMOS process thought to be from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. It also decided to divide the company into two tparts, one for foundry and one for design; Angstrem-T and Angstrem-M respectively.

Angstrem-T now also has a 90nm CMOS with plans to move to 65nm.

Cortus, generally known for having small transistor count, power efficient cores, nonetheless provides modern features such as out-of-order execution and high-level language compilation. Typical applications for Cortus-based ASICs are the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cards, smart sensors & industrial control.

The core used was an APS3s 32-bit core used in a production design for a security application. The design was implemented in Angstrem-T's 90nm CMOS, a spokesperson for Cortus said.

"Our small cores with excellent performance are ideal for embedded SoC projects using Angstrem-T’s silicon technology," said Micheal Chapman, CEO of Cortus, in a statement. "Collaboration with Cortus has allowed us to offer a power- and silicon-efficient IC with security features," said Anatoly Sukhoparov CEO of Angstrem-T, in the same statement.

To date well over 900 million devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processor cores.

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