Counterfeit DC/DC converters in the supply chain

May 26, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Power converter maker Recom has issued an advisory that it has identified numerous counterfeit copies of its products in the market, and is seeking to protect its brand value by making customers aware of the issue. The company’s statement continues;

Currently, the market is flooded with cheap copies of electronic components from Asia. Among them, we are seeing an increasing number of instances of counterfeits of the RECOM brand. Frequently, the original images are shown on the internet, but in reality both part number designation and logo are fakes. RECOM is working hard to track down the illegal providers and take legal action against pirates. For RECOM it is important to protect its customers against inferior fakes.

Recently, fake RECOM RxxPxx series converters showed up in a customer’s application, where they were used to supply sensors in electro-mechanical actuators. While the customer’s prototypes were tested with original modules (which helped the final product obtain ATEX certification because of the excellent insulation of the converters), for serial production a cheaper source for the converter was used. When series production began, the customer quickly saw that the DC / DC converters systematically failed. On closer examination of the failed converters in the RECOM central laboratory, the true value of the cheap purchase was revealed. Instead of high-quality transformers with well-insulated primary and secondary winding, in the copy, only a standard transformer with completely inadequate insulation was installed. Unfortunately, this is not a stand-alone case since similar examples of copies of RV/R and REC6/R were also found.

Of course RECOM cannot extend any warranty in such cases, since it was obvious fraud in the bargain purchases. Customers can protect themselves from such unpleasant surprises by obtaining their converters exclusively through  authorised distributors .

The company will, for no charge, verify (or otherwise) the authenticity of RECOM converters that have already been purchased. Contact to have converters tested free.

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