Crowdfunding: the new marketing tactic for design-in

March 01, 2016 // By
Opting for a ridiculously low and flexible goal, such as the $7,000 seeked for its CleO TFT display board on Indiegogo, FTDI is returning to crowdfunding.

 This is not so much for the money (in fact the flexible goal means that the campaign will receive all funds even if the goal is not reached) because the company will go ahead with the project regardless of external contributions, but mostly a trending marketing tactic among even the most established silicon vendors.

Set yourself a low goal (the board will probably cost more to develop than the actual pledge in that case) and assume this as a small advertising fee necessary to reach out the strong community of makers and hobbyists gathering around tech crowdfunding platforms, and pick their brains about what the full product ought to feature.

The CleO TFT display board is a follow up from the company's previous crowdfunding project, NerO which only raised £2,463 on competing crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

The main driver for these campaigns, according to FTDI Chip's CEO and Founder, Fred Dart, is to allow professional and amateur engineers to play a part in the project.

Talking about CleO campaign, its generous purpose is to bring to market a family of intelligent, simple to program TFT display boards for engineers from all horizons and skill levels to design human machine interfaces. The first Arduino-based hardware of the CleO series promotes the company's FT810 GPU and FT903 32-bit RISC MCU to support HVGA 320x480 pixel resolution 3.5” format TFT displays with a resistive touchscreen.