Customized IC test service from ams extended

June 07, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
The Full Service Foundry business unit of ams is extending its dedicated test solutions for its customers.

The move is an extension of the company’s 'More Than Silicon' initiative, under which ams provides a package of intellectual property, cell libraries, consultancy and testing services to help customers successfully develop advanced analog and mixed-signal circuit designs based on its specialty technologies.

Foundry customers using ams’ IC test solution service will receive KGD (known good dies) and instantly gain the benefit of zero yield risk, as their complex analog/mixed-signal ICs are 100% electrically tested according to their own test specification. The electrical test can be performed at the wafer level (i.e. wafer probing), on assembled parts (also including advanced packages such as wafer level chip scale packages, or WLCSP) or at both levels.

The offering starts with an in-depth design for testability (DFT) analysis carried out jointly with highly experienced design support engineers from ams. Test program code development can be accomplished very quickly using ams’ production-proven test code library and offline tester simulator debugging. An independent and dedicated professional test team with a combined 25+ years of experience offers remote debug sessions to shorten debug and development cycle time. As an integral part of its EEPROM IP portfolio ams also offers a programming service, so the customer has no need to program its EEPROM block after delivery of the die. This may significantly reduce the programming efforts for the end customer.

A prototype load board and application board are developed by load board designers with a total of 50+ years of analog, RF and mixed-signal experience. Utilizing ams’ patented hardware technology ensures right-first-time load board designs that match the expected performance criteria. The test program release procedure comprises careful correlation between the test results from production tests and application bench tests, full temperature qualification and statistical analysis of the test solution through the implementation of gauge repeatability and reproducibility tests.

“Many customers prefer turnkey solutions and want to receive fully tested parts. With dedicated test solutions as part