Cycle-accurate power analyzer targets system-level models

March 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Mirabilis Design's VisualSim Power Analyzer is the first use-case driven power analysis software for both systems and semiconductors, according to the EDA tool vendor. The power equations and state-machine are fully integrated into all the major library blocks in the VisualSim Architect hardware library.

The system model can be used to experiment with power management schemes, scheduling algorithms, buffering, power gating, system-level decisions (burst length to memory, redundant systems and topology) and arbitration.

Current generation power analyses are restricted to spreadsheets with use-cases as the columns and the rows as the devices, or power modeling at RTL/Gate Level. The former provides average power consumption values and the latter helps to make implementation decisions and not architectural decisions.

VisualSim creates a major step in system design by migrating from analytical to dynamic power computation, add more power metrics, gain visual insight and create better quality products. The Power Analyzer library enables designers to add power attributes via a spreadsheet in an existing system-level model in VisualSim. There is no change required in the model and the table can have the list of components, power for different states, transition times and the power for leakage, static and dynamic levels. 

The Power Analyzer has a set of configurable parameters that can be used to control the types of reports, vary the power levels for devices during the simulation, incorporates new devices dynamically and create system degradation situations.  The rechargeable battery blocks has over 10 recharge mechanisms including solar and motor. The Analyzer provides multiple power and energy related views for better understanding of the power consumption.

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