Dark-field rings to enhance machine vision

May 17, 2017 // By Julien Happich
EVT's EyeLight LLA series of dark-field illumination rings are available as a RGB model or in their separate colours: red, green, blue or white.

The dark-field ring lights are available in different inner- and outer-diameters. The inner-diameters vary from 40 to 136mm and the outer-diameters vary from 74mm to 174mm. The LLA series is very compact, only 20mm high and works best with working distances ranging form 5 to 10mm. EVT can also provide diffusion filters and polarization filters. The rays of the dark-field illumination are refracted from the object. Therefore not all light rays reach the camera lens directly. 

EVT Eye Vision Technology - www.evt-web.com


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