DC to 60 GHz chip termination resistor targets wireless backhauls

March 21, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Barry Industries has introduced an ultra-broadband, DC to 60 GHz chip termination for microwave applications. The uniquely designed TV0404FA-50R0JN-91 has been third-party tested to show a typical return loss of 18.5 dB or better over a DC to 60 GHz bandwidth.

The TV0404FA-50R0JN-91 is a compact, 0404 (1.016- x 1.016-mm) size chip constructed of robust thick film on alumina with a wire-bondable input pad and epoxy or solderable ground. This 50 ohm impedance device is RoHS/REACH compliant and is rated at 250 mW on a 100°C mounting surface temperature. The TV0404FA-50R0JN-91 is available in bulk or tape and reel packaging for high-speed pick and place assembly.