Device-level software platform to ease IoT development

March 02, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Presented as a standalone “all in the box” solution to enable developers to do all their work in-house, the Wubby platform simplifies the development of IoT and smart home devices and systems by providing a programming environment that supports Python code execution directly in the microcontroller of the device.

Leveraging the popularity of Python, Wubby separates hardware from software, abstracting the hardware and allowing the developers to contribute by writing simple python scripts, rather having to deploy the whole device image.

At the core of Wubby platform is the Wubby VM that runs any device's microcontroller. Its main duty  is to provide a hardware agnostic environment for the creation of interoperable applications inside each everyday object. Wubby VM is supported by the Wubby IDE, a platform agnostic development environment for configuration, debugging and simulation of everyday objects, but also the Wubby Cloud, a collection of protocols and web services for application deployment and backend device management. The Wubby Client is the main tool for user interaction, including managing the smart objects and installing/updating new apps.

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