Dimming modules support colour temperature shifts from 2000K to 8000K

January 02, 2017 // By Julien Happich
GRE Alpha’s tuneable white SLD-DimTW dimming module has been designed for VC-type dim-to-warm and warm dimming applications.

A constant voltage tuneable white LED dimming module, this unique 0-10V/1-10V device provides a control signal and enables smooth, dynamic colour temperature shifts of 2000K to 8000K. Depending on the application situation, this plug-and-play dimming module creates eye-catching, colour temperature changing effects without colour distortion. The company offers a two channel SLD-DIM2 0-10V dimming module and a 7-in-1 dimming module (model XDL-7DV1-48V5A) with further options in warm dimming. The two channel dimming module offers 0/1-10V PWM dimming with no shift in LED colour temperature, up to 1024 dimming levels of high resolution smooth dimming and 97 percent efficiency. Additionally, GRE Alpha’s 7-in-1 LED dimmer provides full range zero to 100 percent high resolution dimming performance for constant voltage LED dimming applications. The 7-in-1 unit has a multi-coloured LED indicator, integrated strain release cover, settable dimming transfer characteristics (linear or logarithmic), and built-in thermal shutdown with auto restart and overload protection.

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