DisaSolar signs bio-mimetic solar panels R&D contract with the French Ministry of Defence (DGA)

July 10, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
DisaSolar, a high technology French company from Limoges,has signed a three-year research contract with the French Ministry of Defence (DGA) to design bio-mimetic solar panels for military purposes.

The contract involves the development of bio-mimetic flexible solar panels capable of taking on the shape and color of their environment for camouflage purposes. Such solar devices are designed to increase autonomy of electronic and communications equipment for units in operations. French public research centers and DisaSolar partners, CEA/INES and CNRS/XLIM are also involved and linked to this program.

DisaSolar’s inkjet printing technology makes it the only industrial company intent on developing a program to design custom-made, flexible solar panels for a diverse range of applications. Such a novel approach to photovoltaics opens up a vast range of possibilities for transforming everyday products into sources of energy. Applications for the military are one such example, and a solution to improve power supply to increasingly numerous and sophisticated electronic equipment needed in the field.

The project is funded by the DGA’s Support Regime for Dual Innovation program (RAPID) and in conjunction with French Public administrations. RAPID is designed to finance projects that have major technological and commercial potential, are supported by businesses with less than 2000 employees, and have both military and civilian applications.

Visit DisaSolar at www.disasolar.fr