Display Technology introduces in-house optical bonding

September 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
UK display solutions provider Display Technology is now offering an optical bonding solution developed in-house, VacuBond.

The clean-room process bonds optical components together with a high-quality optical silicone gel, OptoGel. This process also described as dry bonding, fills the air gap between the PCap touchscreen and a front cover glass with the optical silicone gel, reducing the light refraction between the glass layers and also minimising the reflection of light on internal surfaces. This results in enhanced optical performance with improved display readability and increased contrast.

Resistance to mechanical stresses such as vibration and shock is also enhanced since the silicone gel helps reduce vibrations and enhances shock resistance by dissipating energy generated from any impacts. Condensation and fogging are prevented as the air gap is no longer present. Additionally, no internal contamination is possible as dust and foreign particles cannot penetrate. Heat dissipation, through the front glass, is also improved.

Optical bonding enables virtually unlimited design implementations for bespoke user interfaces. The front cover glass can be fully customer defined to include oversized glass, ground and polished edges, radius edged corners, and cut-outs for additional peripherals such as card readers, coin mechanisms or thermal printers. Rear ceramic screen printing can also be employed for corporate branding, company logos and user interface icons.

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