DRAM prices to march higher in 2017

January 10, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
The average selling prices of various categories of DRAMs are set to increase significantly in the first quarter of 2017, according to DRAMexchange, a division of TrendForce Inc.

This is the continuation of a general upswing for DRAM prices that began in the second-half of 2016, the market watcher said in a statement. DRAMexchange said that DRAM products would see a sequential quarterly increase of nearly 30 percent on average and that the contract price for 4Gbyte PC DRAM modules has already gone above US$25.

Sequential quarterly increase in DRAM pricing for 4Q16 and 1Q17. Source DRAMexchange.

"The average contract price of R-DIMM 32Gbyte server DRAM modules has already broken through the US$200 ceiling and is expected to see a sequential quarterly increase of over 20 percent," said Avril Wu, research director of DRAMexchange, in a statement. "As for mobile DRAM products, their demand continues to grow as Chinese smartphone brands stock up for the upcoming Chinese New Year promotions. Contract prices of discrete products and eMCP solutions are projected to increase by over 10 percent versus the fourth quarter of 2016."

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