Driver chips for brushless ED motors target in-car applications

June 16, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Better performance in numerous motor applications in the car promises Texas Instruments to design engineers who are using the company’s two new driver ICs, the highly integrated gate driver DRV8305-Q1 and the half-bridge driver UCC27211A-Q1 for high current applications.

The DRV8305-Q1 has been designed for applications associated to the (conventional) powertrain such as transmission lubricants pumps or engine radiator fans. Through its intelligent gate driver architecture with programmable rise time, the DRV8305-Q1 enables developers to optimise the EMI behaviour of MOSFETS. It is designed to work under ambient temperatures between -40°C To 150°C and meets the SAE specification Q100.

Features include support for stop-start systems (operates at voltages as low as 4.4V), small footprint on PCBs, and integrated protection mechanisms with detailed failure analysis, preventing failures due to overtemperature as well as break-throughs and overcurrent in the MOSFETs.

The UCC27211A-Q1 half-bridge gate driver is designed for operating voltages up to 100V. It can be used for brushless and brushed DC motor applications. Designing with individual half bridges allows placement of the gate driver close to the MOSFETs, minimizing parasitic inductances and simplifying overall board layout. Additionally features and benefits include high performance through the industry’s fastest propagation delays at 15 ns, fast rise and fall times of 7 ns and a 4-A peak gate drive, the device packs high performance into a small 4.89-mm-by-3.9-mm package size. The device also has a robust protection against voltage spikes.

The 9-mm-by-9-mm DRV8305-Q1 is available today from the TI store and authorized distributors in a 48-pin thermally enhanced thin-quad flat pack (HTQFP) package. It is priced at US$2.65 in 1,000-unit quantities. The DRV8305-Q1 evaluation module is available at US$99 for designers looking to easily design and configure a three-phase motor drive and control system.

View the DRV8305-Q1 and UCC27211A-Q1 data sheets