dSpace adds new safety features to development system

January 17, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Safety-critical automotive applications like those in automated driving or driver assistance systems require additional mechanisms to monitor and ensure the correct execution of control functions on Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Tool vendor dSpace has now added monitoring functions typically used in series development to its MicroAutoBox II development system.

The new functions include a multi-stage watchdog mechanism as well as challenge-response feature that constantly takes the pulse of the real-time processor and ensure correct execution of real-time applications. These features enable users to set the system to a defined status by terminating pending applications and / or resetting the system. In addition, it is possible executing a user-defined software through a non-maskable interrupt that can, for instance, save the last used parameter set or the error code for subsequent analysis. To achieve a higher safety level, the watchdog as well as the challenge response mechanism are implemented on a hardware component independent of the real-time processor. Both mechanisms can be integrated into and configured on Simulink controller models by means of the RTI Watchdog Blockset via drag & drop.

For future releases of the RTI Watchdog Blocksets, dSpace hols out the promise of further functions such as memory integrity checks or monitoring the MicroAutoBox II’s supply voltage level.

Further information: www.dspace.de