E2V to make, sell Peregrine low-noise PLL

September 19, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
The PE97649 phase-locked loop (PLL), a low-noise and rad-hard device for commercial space applications, is the first result of a strategic reseller agreement signed by E2V and Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. in February 2016.

Peregrine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and a pioneer of RF silicon-on-insulator production.

The PE97640 will be manufactured and qualified by E2V using Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology. The chip will also be available exclusively through E2V

Designed for commercial applications and capable of performing in harsh space conditions for over ten years, the PE97640 is naturally radiation tolerant and immune to single-event latch-up (SEL). The PLL has a power consumption of 75mA at 2.7V.

The PE97640 has a FRAC-N frequency synthesizer that generates multiple output frequencies from a single reference input frequency. The divided-down output then enables reference and phase detection at a lower frequency, handling both frequency and phase lock. With superior phase noise performance, the PE97640 offers RF engineers high signal precision, solid frequency stability and boasts significant performance specifications with both 5/6 and 10/11 prescalers:

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