Energy converter coupled with a wireless transmitter module opens up applications for energy-harvesting

November 24, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
EnOcean is launching the third generation of its mechanical energy converters — the ECO 200. Combined with the PTM 330 transmitter module the result is an entire system for batteryless wireless operations. The pairing optimizes the speedy and simple implementation of energy harvesting switching solutions. EnOcean's solution opens up new possibilities for various self-powered wireless switching elements — in building automation, in industry and in household appliances.

EnOcean’s batteryless wireless technology harvests energy entirely from its surroundings — from light, differences in temperature or motion. Mechanical energy converters, for instance, can produce the energy needed to transmit a wireless signal just from the press of a button. The magnetic flux is suddenly reversed by a coil as soon as a spring mechanism reaches a snap-over point.

The ECO 200 energy converter is the latest advancement of these mechanical energy generators. It comes with even more efficient energy conversion, less noise emission plus higher load capability. A further benefit of the new-generation converter is its simple installation. The batteryless PTM 330 wireless module can be connected to the energy converter by spring contacts, with no soldering.

The PTM 330 module features four digital inputs to map up to four switching states. Additionally, an interface allows configuration of the content of the wireless telegrams during manufacture of a user device. Like every EnOcean wireless module, the PTM 330 also has a 32-bit identification number to eliminate any overlap with other wireless sensors. Wireless range is up to 30 metres inside buildings and 300 meters in the open. With versions for both 868 MHz and 315 MHz the PTM 330 is suitable for applications worldwide.

The complete ready-to-go system means that OEMs, with just mechanical expertise, can speedily and simply implement their switching solutions enabled by energy harvesting wireless technology. Furthermore, being interoperable the EnOcean wireless standard allows straightforward combination of products with industrial controls and receivers from a wide range of different manufacturers.

Application possibilities for the energy harvesting wireless ECO 200 plus PTM 300 system range from handheld transmitters, window and door sensors through to transmitters for access data to position switches or a variety of industrial switches. Handheld transmitters powered by the system can be used to control gates and garages, or to call a nurse from a hospital bed, for example.

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