Energy Micro releases energy friendly ARM Cortex-M4 products

February 23, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Energy Micro is extending the company’s EFM32 Gecko range of microcontrollers with the addition of products based on the ARM Cortex-M4F core.

The addition of 60 new EFM32 Wonder Gecko devices brings the total number of variants within the Gecko range to over 240 which is claimed to be the industry’s most comprehensive range of pin- and code-compatible devices for low-energy embedded applications. The new controllers incorporate highly differentiated Gecko technology to minimize energy consumption, including a flexible range of standby and sleep modes, intelligent peripherals that allow designers to implement many functions without CPU wake-up, and ultra-low standby current.

“By adding M4F to our portfolio, we create a complete pin- and code-compatible roadmap of processors, from the lower cost value line Zero Gecko through to Wonder Gecko variants incorporating sophisticated signal processing functionality,“ said Geir Førre, CEO of Energy Micro.

Equipped with up to 256K Flash memory and 32K RAM, the Wonder Gecko devices share many of the features that have made the EFM32 Series the solution of choice for low-energy applications. The new M4F family can achieve active mode current consumption of just 180 µA/MHz. Devices provide a deep sleep mode that consumes just 400nA with RTC running, a shut-off mode requiring only 20 nA and wake-up time as short as 2 µs.

The LESENSE function block, a generic low energy sensor interface, enables monitoring of a mix of up to 16 capacitive, inductive or resistive sensors independently of the processor core. This allows designers to maintain basic functionality while keeping the processor in sleep or shut-off mode for as long as possible.

For an introduction video about the Wonder Gecko visit: