Engineering data analytics environment to boost design productivity

January 26, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Noesis Solutions, the developer of Optimus and id8, announces a new release of id8 decide, an intuitive-to-use Engineering Data Analytics environment that enables development teams to acquire deep engineering insights.

The new tool includes additional plot types, enhanced data handling, and faster data processing. What will boost user productivity most, are id8 decide’s brand new worksheet templates making it easy to deploy fit-for-pur­pose engineering dashboards across the organization.

Dragging and dropping multiple data widgets onto an id8 decide worksheet enables teams to bring data insights to life. Readily sharing worksheets live with peers and managers – from any workstation or mobile device – creates a collaborative environment for the entire team to efficiently make the right engineering decisions.

Engineering data analysts tailor id8 decide worksheets to support specific project analysis tasks, combining relevant plot types as part of the interactive project dashboard. id8 decide now offers the possibility to save any worksheet as a template, which enables engineering specialists to use predefined templates for any project data set. This is a productivity booster for all engineering teams, in particular those working from different geographic locations. The use of worksheet templates not just saves considerable analysis setup time, but also ensures maximum consistency across the work of individual team members.

id8 decide leverages engineering data from disparate sources, including Optimus, connecting and visualizing any data related to physical or virtual prototypes. Overall, id8 decide offers them more options to manipulate and visualize engineering data exactly the way they want.

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