Epson to accessorize DJI's drones with AR glasses: keeps FAA happy

September 13, 2016 // By Julien Happich
In a move to boost demand for its Moverio BT-300 AR smart glasses, Epson has struck a partnership with leading drone manufacturer DJI to co-market the Moverio BT-300 as a compatible DJI accessory.

While the drone manufacturer will optimize its DJI GO app for Epson's AR glasses, the two companies will develop a software development kit (SDK) to improve the piloting safety, the productivity and capabilities of UAVs through the use of augmented reality.

With the app and the Moverio glasses, drone pilots will be able to see crystal clear, transparent first person views (FPV) from the drone camera while simultaneously maintaining their line of sight with their aircraft. In the scope of this commercial partnership, the Epson smart glasses will be available for purchase on while the DJI GO app will be available for download from the Moverio Apps Market.

The see-through AR glasses help pilots comply with the latest FAA ruling, which insists UAVs should remain within the visual line-of-sight of the remote pilot.

DJI enjoys a 70 percent market share of the $2 billion consumer drone market, and its aerial platforms are used by two­-thirds of businesses approved by the FAA to operate commercially.

"We believe this partnership with DJI will revolutionize how UAV pilots operate their aircraft in this fast-growing industry, now and into the future," said Eric Mizufuka, product manager, New Ventures for Epson America. "In addition to validating Epson's investment in its Moverio line, this is the first time AR smart glasses will be widely available for a mass-market consumer application, marking an historic milestone in the evolution of the category."

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