EUV lithography: 32nm pitch on a single exposure

February 26, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Nanoelectronics research center IMEC is to announce its initial electrical results on N5 32nm pitch metal-2 layer at this week’s 2018 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, focusing on EUV single exposure of Logic N5 metal layers, and dense hole arrays.

Imec’s approach to enable EUV single patterning at these dimensions is based on the co-optimization of various lithography enablers, including materials, metrology, design rules, post processing and a fundamental understanding of critical EUV processes. With its results, IMEC expects to significantly impact the technology roadmap and wafer cost of near-term technology nodes for logic and memory.

With the industry making significant improvements in EUV infrastructure readiness, first insertion of EUV lithography in high-volume manufacturing is expected in the critical back-end-of-line metal and via layers of the foundry N7 Logic technology node, with metal pitches in the range of 36–40nm.

IMEC’s research focuses on the next node (32nm pitch and below), where various patterning approaches are being considered. These approaches vary considerably in terms of complexity, wafer cost, and time to yield, and include variations of EUV multi-patterning, hybrid EUV and immersion multi-patterning, and EUV single expose.

The research centre advances include initial electrical results for EUV single exposure focusing on two primary use cases: logic N5 32nm pitch metal-2 layer and 36nm pitch contact hole arrays.

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