Evaluation boards for USB Type-C USB Power Delivery

July 13, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The USB Power Delivery standard enables delivering up to 100 watts through a simple USB connection. To simplify prototyping and development of USBPD applications, Rohm Semiconductor has made available evaluation boards with appropriate transmitter / receiver circuitry using the USB Type C connector.

In recent years, the demand for reducing commercial waste has grown in Europe. Among other things, universal, worldwide applicable chargers and connectors for electronic devices are to be developed and applied. Accordingly, the interest in the USB Type C connector developed by the USB Implementers Forum and the USB Power Delivery standard is a trendsetting interface with a compact plug-in connector that, in contrast to earlier USB connectors, is not sensitive to its orientation when plugged.

USB Power Delivery is a USB Power Expansion Standard for delivering up to 100W via USB. This enables the power supply of larger devices, such as laptops, which could not be supplied with the conventional USB technology. At the same time, the loading times of portable devices are considerably reduced. According to the USBPD protocol, the connected devices handle the power requirements among themselves in order to determine the optimum values for voltage and current.