Everspin samples 256Mbit MRAMs, 1Gbit coming

April 18, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Everspin Technologies Inc. (Chandler, Arizona) has announced it is shipping 256Mbit, spin-torque MRAMs with DDR3 interace to customers for use in storage-class memories.

The company claims the 256-Mbit is the highest density commercial MRAM currently available in the market. The company also plans to sample a 1Gbit MRAM based on proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction spin-torque technology later this year.

Everspin’s 256Mbit ST-MRAM with a DDR3 compatible interface is the first ST-MRAM produced under a foundry agreement with Globalfoundries and produced on 300mm-diameter wafers. Initial samples will be based on an in-plane MTJ technology and will then transition to pMTJ ST-MRAM technology for volume production.

Everspin will offer both discrete ST-MRAM products and non-volatile DIMMs for ease of adoption and system compatibility. ST-MRAM based NVDIMMs provide improved reliability by eliminating the data transfer between DRAM and NAND flash required during a power down situation. The area typically occupied by an external power pack or additional capacitors can now be made available for increased storage capacity.

Everspin’s ST-MRAM offers write speeds 100,000 times faster than NAND flash and operates through DDR3/DDR4 interfaces.

"We continue to bring the fastest non-volatile products to our customers, expanding our offering with a high density 1Gb DDR4 pMTJ ST-MRAM. This will provide new and innovative approaches to the way non-volatile memory solutions can be architected," said Phill LoPresti, CEO of Everspin, in a statement.

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